Useful Services/Organisations in New Zealand

  • RAP: Respect All People - Whakamana Tangata
    RAP: Respect All People – Whakamana Tangata supports youth organisations to take a leadership role in reducing and replacing violence in the environments they provide to young people. RAP is managed by the National Network of Stopping Violence, Te Kupenga, and funded by the Ministry of Health.
  • White Ribbon Day - November 25
  • National Collective of Independent Women's Refuge
    Women's Refuge provides the support and information needed when dealing with violence in life. They do not judge or tell anyone what to do - they listen and are available to help make safe choices. Women's Refuge is an independent community organisation run by women for women and children. Their services are confidential and free.
  • It's Not OK
    Where to go for help if you are experiencing, using or witnessing family violence.
  • New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse
    NZFVC is the national centre for collating and disseminating information about domestic and family violence in Aotearoa/New Zealand. NZFVC provides information and resources for people working towards the elimination of family violence. NZFV Clearinghouse now has new tools to support multi-agency collaboration. This list of articles, reports, and tools is intended to provide readers with helpful tips, tools and strategies considered critical to the effective functioning of collaborative family violence initiatives.
  • Jigsaw
    Jigsaw is focused on the wellbeing of all New Zealand children and their families. A diverse group of independent, community-based social service agencies, the Jigsaw network advocates against all forms of child abuse, neglect and family violence and provides support to families so they can raise their children in safe and nurturing ways.
  • DPA New Zealand
    DPA is the collective voice of people with disability in New Zealand - based on principles of human rights and equal value of life.
  • Rape Prevention Education - Whakatu Mauri (formerly Rape Crisis Auckland)
    We provide information around crisis and sexual abuse issues. Our Website can link you to Rape Crisis Centres around NZ that can provide free support, councelling (both phone and face-to-face), practical assistance, advocacy, and resources from women and children who are survivors of rape and/or sexual abuse. Our organisation also provides education and training for young people, parent and wider community, especially in the Auckland region on preventing sexual violance and dealing with disclosures of abuse.
  • Roundtable on Violence Against Women
  • The Disability Clothesline Project
    The Disability Clothesline Project is a way of breaking the silence about domestic and all forms of violence and abuse experienced by disabled people, enabling victims to give creative expression to their experiences as they use clothing as a canvas. Disabled people experience abuse and violence at extremely high levels, but this is in effect invisible because it is not acknowledged. The Disability Clothesline Project will gather our stories and experience; it will bring the invisible into the light.
  • Plunket
    Plunket offers support for new mothers and their babies, operates nursing networks and is committed to the health of babies in New Zealand.
  • Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust aims to teach people the skills needed to be emotionally and physically safe with others and with themselves. Effective and positive training in violence prevention, personal safety and self defence for real life situations.
  • Community Law Centres
    Links and contact information for Community Law Centres around Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • Age Concern
    Age Concern New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the quality of life and well-being of older people, advocating positive healthy ageing for people of all ages. Age Concern has information and advice on elder abuse, and resources for those working with older people who are concerned about violence.
  • FPA Family Planning
    FPA promotes a positive view of sexuality and can provide information and advice so that women can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health and well-being. They deal with contraception, sexually transmitted infections, menopause, talking to your children about sexuality, PMS, adolescent sexuality and pregnancy.
  • Barnardos
    Barnardos works within the community to provide a range of care, education and support services for children and their families. They also run supervised access programmes.
  • Refugee Services
    Refugee Services provide support and services to migrants and refugees including English language, social support and legal advice.
  • Relationships Aotearoa
    Relationships Aotearoa deliver a wide range of counselling, mediation and education services in 70 communities throughout New Zealand as well as a wide range of online services.
  • Sex'n'respect An online resource for youth and support professionals that promotes respectful relationships and the prevention of sexual violence.

Government Departments and Services

International links

  • No to Violence Male Family Violence Prevention Association (NTV) Inc. (Australia) Incorporating the Men's Referral Service
    Victoria's male family violence prevention association. Here you will find a wide range of information about male family violence and violence prevention written especially for practitioners in the field, community/health professionals, media, current and prospective NTV members and prospective volunteers.
  • United Nations (United States)
    International organisation committed to the promotion of peace and security, development and human rights around the world.
  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
    Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, Australia. Loads of information for women and children, and for agencies about programmes, research, legal matters and contacts.
  • Battered Womens Justice Project The site of the BWJP Minnesota USA. The Battered Womens Justice Project offers training, technical assistance, and consultation on the most promising practices of the criminal and civil justice systems in addressing domestic violence. Staff attorneys and advocates can provide information and analyses on effective policing, prosecuting, sentencing, and monitoring of domestic violence offenders.
  • Minnesota Programme Development Inc. (United States)
    The web page about Duluth Abuse Intervention Project, which has had a great influence on Women's Refuge's analysis and service delivery.
  • Women's Aid (United Kingdom)
    National charity for women and children experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse in their home. This is a similar organisation to Women's Refuge in New Zealand.
  • New South Wales Women's Refuge Resource Centre (Australia)
    The site of the New South Wales Women's Refuge Resource Centre, which is the central contact for the Australian NSW Women's Refuge movement. From here you can get all the details of refuges around NSW as well as information and other links. There is also an entire book, 'It's Not Love- It's Violence' to download, which provides a good overview of family violence in Australia, help for those escaping violence and advice for advocacy services.
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