New Chairperson for White Ribbon Campaign - 2 May 2013

The White Ribbon Campaign welcomes Judge Peter Boshier as the chair of the White Ribbon Committee.

Judge Boshier brings a wealth of knowledge to the campaign having been a White Ribbon Ambassador since 2011 and a foundation member of the Family Violence Taskforce.

Judge Boshier was the Principal Family Court Judge from 2004 - 2012. He continues to hold a warrant and is currently a Law Commissioner with the New Zealand Law Commission and lectures at Victoria University of Wellington.

"I’m really excited about the opportunities that the White Ribbon Campaign presents," says Judge Boshier.

"This is something that I, along with thousands of other New Zealanders, am passionate about.

"I grew up in a country that all too often glorified violence and brushed the devastation under the carpet. Within a marriage a serious assault against a woman was considered a 'domestic' - not a crime, and it was left for the family to sort out. While those days are long gone, some entrenched attitudes still remain.

"The White Ribbon Campaign is an opportunity for men to lead the charge against men’s violence towards women. It isn’t about blame; it’s about accepting that as men we have a responsibility and an opportunity to talk to other men and role model non-violent behaviour.

"Before we can look forward we also have to see what was accomplished and I’m also very pleased to announce that the 2012 White Ribbon Report is now available online at

There were:

  • 237 events in November (which represents a 20 percent increase from 2011)
  • 734 mentions in the traditional media during November, an increase of 120
  • 88,802 visits to the White Ribbon website in 2012, averaging over 240 per day
  • 7,100 Facebook friends with a reach that has exceeded 1.7 million people in 2012
  • 86 communities were visited by the White Ribbon Riders
  • 54 White Ribbon Ambassadors, many of whom publicly spoke out against violence towards women
  • and the campaign was rebranded and introduced merchandising.

"These results are fantastic and demonstrate that White Ribbon is reaching more and more New Zealanders.

"Last year the campaign focused on increasing people’s understanding of what constitutes violence including a new focus on non-physical violence and 2013 will see a continued focus in this area," says Judge Boshier.




Rob McCann

White Ribbon Campaign Manager 

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