Who's Affected

Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Transgender

Violence can occur in any relationship and is about power and control over another.

Violence for gay, lesbian, transsexual and transgender can be physical, sexual, psychological, economic and spiritual and occurs approximately the same as for heterosexual couples.

For gay, lesbian, transsexual or transgender individuals and couples, fear of homosexuality or choosing to live differently from the way society is organised around the idea of heterosexuality, can make it more difficult to seek help or receive appropriate services.

Some of the additional issues which gay, lesbian, transgender and transsexual people can experience include:

  • Threats of being ‘outed’
  • Being told no one will help you because of your sexuality or way you choose to live your life.
  • Being told you won’t be believed because gay and lesbians do not rape or abuse their lovers.
  • Being told you deserve it because he or she is homosexual.
  • By telling a male partner that the behaviour is not domestic violence but an expression of masculinity.

Whatever type of relationship you are in, you have a right to safety. For help to deal with partner violence contact:

  • Women’s Refuge
  • Relationship Services
  • Te Kupenga Whakaoti Mahi Patunga/The National Network of Stopping Violence Services
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